Open, Junior and Cadet Sprints Head Outdoors, includes Video!

ENJOY over 51 minutes of full race video action below!

The weekend saw three different Slideways Sprint Series take to the reverse track direction at Slideways Go Karting World Pimpama, with three awesome races resulting.

All three races were run for points in the Slideways Scholarship Program, which has the ultimate goal of getting Slideways racers on the grid at Bathurst.

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Open Sprints

On Friday night, the Slideways Open Sprints was contested with its first feature length format for the season, with five new competitors joining the field.

For the 10-minute qualifying session and the pair of 10-minute-long heat races, the field was split in two, before combining for the final.

In qualifying, Jackson Faulkner (39.98sec) topped the time sheets ahead of Keenan Faulkner (40.523sec), then Liam Hydes (40.640sec), Ian Harvey (40.700sec) and Christian Bishop (40.738sec), who led the opening qualifying session.

In the first race for the faster-qualifying group it was Keenan Faulkner claiming the victory, shadowed the entire duration by Jackson Faulkner (40.070sec quickest lap), with the final margin a scant 0.164sec.

Christian Bishop claimed third from Liam Hydes, Ian Harvey, Gavin Faulkner, Alex Jacovides, Chloe Buck, Clayton Hydes and Chris Rice.

With the random invert in play for the second round, it was Christian Bishop (fastest lap – 39.945sec) who was able to get away to a 4sec win over Jackson Faulkner, Keenan Faulkner, Harvey, Gavin Faulkner, Jacovides, Liam Hydes, Clayton Hydes, Buck and Rice.

In the opening B group race, it was Ellias Samani on top from Lachlan Powell (40.974sec best lap), then Valentin Evdokimenko, Mauritz Du Toit, Brett Want, Jamie Wheeler, Jack Brandon, Kevin Chapman and James Phillips.

The second heat was a repeat of the first with victory for Samani, with Evdokimenko second, then Powell (quick lap – 41.406sec), with the top-three covered by less than a second at the chequered flag.

Du Toit came home fourth from Chapman, Want, Wheeler and Phillips.

For the final, the full field was combined for the 30-minute-long mini-enduro.

The race turned into the Jackson Faulkner master class, with the young gun taking victory by a clear lap, along the way setting a fastest lap time of 39.574sec.

The race for second however was a cracker throughout, with Keenan Faulkner just edging out Bishop, Liam Hydes and Jacovides.

Gavin Faulkner was sixth from Harvey, Buck, Clayton Hydes, Want, Powell, Rice, Evdokimenko, Chapman, Du Toit, Wheeler and Samani.

The encouragement award for the evening went to Du Toit, while the best and fairest points went to Bishop, Jacovides and Harvey.

The overall podium for the event saw Jackson Faulkner on top from Keenan Faulkner and Bishop.

Full Race Video


Junior Sprints

The awesome racing in the Juniors aged 12-15 years old continued, with another high-quality field of future stars lining up for the event.

In the two-lap qualifying it was Elliot Cleary (40.837sec) on top from Ethan Bryson, Carter Skewes, Chaad Hewitt, Olivia Herbison, Jude Liverore, Jett Johnson, Jack Stimson, Brayden Hill, Tejay Junek, Bowen Kimberley-Mastalir and Jordyn Durrington.

The opening race was brilliant, with the top-six covered by only 2.5sec, with Cleary finishing ahead of Bryson by 0.336sec.

Skewes finished third ahead of Herbison, Hewitt, Livermore (fastest on track – 40.523sec), Johnson, Stimson, Hill, Junek, Kinberley-Mastalir and Durrington.

With the ‘chook lotto’ grid invert in play for race two, it was Hewitt on top from Herbison (swift time of 40.288sec), Skewes and Cleary, with top-five covered by 1.457sec, with 0.188sec between the leading pair.

Livermore finished sixth ahead of Johnson, Hill, Junek, Kimberley-Mastalir, Stimson and Durrington.

With combined points setting the field for the final, it was Cleary on top from Hewitt, who edged out Bryson, Livermore (40.441sec best lap time), Herbison, Skewes, Johnson, Hill, Junek, Kimberley-Mastalir, Stimson and Durrington.

In the overall points for the event it was Cleary from Hewitt and Bryson, Johnson claimed the encouragement award, while the best and fairest points went to Cleary, Bryson and Johnson.

Full Race Video


Cadet Sprints

The Cadets featured a single field of young guns, aged 7 to 11 years old.

Qualifying set the tone, with Zachary Naylor claiming the top spot with a 46.987sec time, from Jordi Slater, Luke Wilson, Daniel Sullivan, Brock Helm, Ellie Wilson, Annabel Kennedy, Casius Kruck and Colton Farr.

Taking advantage of pole position, Naylor (fast time- 46.290sec) took out the opening heat win by 1.3sec from Sullivan, Luke Wilson, Slater, Helm, Ellie Wilson, Kennedy, Kruck and Farr.

For the second heat it was a series of photo finishes that determined the results.

Out front, Slater claimed the top spot from Luke Wilson by an incredible 0.023sec, while less than 0.5sec covered Sullivan, Naylor and Helm in third through sixth.

Ellie Wilson was next from Kennedy, Kruck and Farr, with Luke Wilson fastest on track with a top time of 46.139sec.

The final was another cliff hanger, with Naylor on top from Luke Wilson and Slater (best time 46.041sec), with the top trio separated by only 0.544sec.

Helm was next from Sullivan, Ellie Wilson, Kruck, Kennedy and Farr.

The end of day podium featured Naylor, Luke Wilson and Slater, Kruck earned the encouragement award, while the best and fairest bonus points went to Naylor, Wilson and Slater.

Full Race Video


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